Wednesday, 14 September 2011

John Peel's Shed - links

During John Peel's Shed there's a few things I mention. Here are the links to them:

The 'author slams Radio 1' article is here.

The Radio 1 unofficial fans forum where people criticise me is here

The caller to the Human Zoo who doesn't realise he's live on air here. The Human Zoo was a show where calls went live to air unscreened.

Find more about Atom and his Package here.


My show, John Peel's Shed, did well at Edinburgh this year, receiving 5 star reviews in The Independent and The Scotsman, selling out the whole run and having to add on extra midnight dates. A UK tour is currently being booked for Spring, and there is a five day London run at Jackson's Lane Theatre. Book tickets HERE!

“Shy and awkward but with a keen eye for a killer line and the significance of the trivia of daily life, Osborne sits somewhere between Tom Wrigglesworth and Daniel Kitson, which a very good place to sit. I could have listened for hours” – * * * * * The Independent

“Beautifully-written, funny and poignant… Just as John Peel’s records changed his life this lovely, simple, beautifully executed show has enriched ours” – * * * * * The Scotsman

“One of the Top Ten Theatre Highlights of the Edinburgh Festival” – * * * * The Telegraph

“One of the loveliest things you’ll see all year” – * * * * The Herald

“As perfect as any show inspired by John Peel could hope for” – * * * * Fest Magazine

* * * * Sunday Express, * * * * Edinburgh Evening News, * * * * What’s On Stage