Saturday, 30 October 2010

Live show

In the last few weeks I've been working on a live show based on the episodes of John Peel's Shed I recorded. I've never done a solo show before and it's something I'm really enjoying developing. It's also about British radio, and features some of my experiences in writing my book Radio Head. So far I've performed it once, in Brighton, and it seemed to go pretty well. So hopefully I'll get to do it more often. More info on the show here.

There's a review of the Brighton show here. The next preview of the show is November 17th 2010 here.

Captivating - The Guardian

Funny, personal and charming, The Daily Telegraph

Osborne demonstrates a seemingly unhealthy obsession with British radio. But then, as you read Radio Head, you're reminded that you do too. A nostalgic journey through the airwaves, stopping at seemingly every station and finding it all pleasantly familiar. Radio Head is a warm, up-lifting read. And it made me fork out on a new, better radio, too - Tim Key.

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